Millets are one of the oldest crops known to humans and can grow in adverse weather conditions with marginal irrigation requirements. They were first domesticated in Asia and Africa and later spread across the globe as a cereal crop for the evolving civilizations.

Millets are primarily categorized as major millets, including sorghum, bajra, and ragi, and minor millets, including foxtail, Kodo, barnyard, proso, browntop, and little millet. They are currently cultivated in 131 countries across the globe over an area of 74 million.


International Nutri Cereal Convention, with Multi-Stakeholders, is the flagship event of ICAR-IIMR conducted by Nutrihub every year at Hyderabad, Telangana. The objective of this convention is to bring together all the stakeholders from the Nutri Cereals industry, from producers to processors to consumers as well as researchers, academicians, and policymakers, who are working across the value chain to engage in meaningful and actionable discussions for the promotion of Nutri Cereals across the country.



To bring together all the stakeholders working in the millets eco-system to a single platform and chart a path for creating and spreading awareness about millets both nationally and internationally.

To unite the stakeholders from Central and State Governments, Academia, R&D Institutes, Incubators, and Accelerators along with Startups, Micro-Entrepreneurs, and NGOs under a single umbrella, working to achieve the common goal of millet promotion across India and the world.

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  • Harnessing the diversity in millets for climate resilience and sustainability.
  • Diet diversity, and enhanced nutrition through processing and value addition.
  • Millet Value chain: Experiences, challenges, and way forward.
  • Scaling up value added technologies for commercialization by Industry.
  • Mainstreaming millets at state and national levels.
  • Innovative approaches in branding, labelling, and marketing of millets.
  • Millets and their products in international markets: status and way forward.
  • Incubation, acceleration, and investment in millet start-ups, vision for a successful millet venture.


India’s largest convention bringing Multi Stakeholders under one roof.

Millets are one of the oldest crops known to humans and can grow in adverse weather conditions.